H.E. Grace Alfred Olotu - Ambassador
Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania to the Nordic Countries, Baltic States & Ukraine

It is with great joy and honor that we bring Tanzania to our friends in the Nordic countries and Baltic States and Ukraine through our humble representation. Our goal, alongside the traditional functions of diplomatic missions, is to consolidate and enhance further long-standing historical relationships between the people of the United Republic of Tanzania and the above stated nations. For a long period of time, our relations focused on development assistance. More than 55 years after independence, while we still value and appreciate development assistance, our main focus and interest is now on mutual, reciprocal, and bilateral economic investment, trade, and tourism, among others.

In this time of turmoil in many parts of the world, Tanzania is a haven of peace with uninterrupted political stability. Thus there is a conducive climate for doing business with Tanzania. The economy has performed well and continues its pattern of steady real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth and its low and stable inflation rate. The inflation rate has fallen from over 30% in the early 1990s to a single digit currently (6-7%).

In the mining sector, Tanzania is the third-largest gold producer in Africa behind South Africa and Ghana and ranks among the top producers of diamonds in the world. The tourism sector has grown rapidly with the number of tourists more than doubling since 1991.

Tanzania is strategically located in East Africa with a population of over 44.9 million (2012 est.) people. It has eight neighbors and a long coastline bordering the Indian Ocean. Tanzania’s geographical location assures a potential investor a large and ready market in both the context of the East African Community (EAC) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC). This means one investment destination of 143 million (EAC) and 277 million (SADC) people.

The Tanzania Investment Act No. 26 of 1997 establishes the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) as a one-stop center to coordinate and facilitate investment in the country. The legislation guarantees unconditional transfer of capital, profit and other benefits by the investors. It guarantees against the expropriation of business enterprises and provides for settlement of disputes including resort to the arbitration procedure of the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) of the World Bank. This is the user-friendly environment that prevails in Tanzania today.

It is my hope that the website will provide useful information and data to visitors, investors and other friends of Tanzania. There are downloadable application forms for various matters – visas, investment, research, etc – that have been put at the disposal of interested parties. We hope you will make the best use of the website. Embassy officials are ready and willing to answer any queries that you may have.

Thank you and welcome to Tanzania!

H.E. Grace Alfred Olotu
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the United Republic of Tanzania in Stockholm, Sweden

email: balozi(at)tanemb.se